Monthly Archives: December 2013

“Man is the measure of all things.”

I’m too sure that there exists something external and above, outside or below. I’m not too sure our expressions ever serve as a conduit for something greater. Everyone’s unforgettable speech is a creative move that invents the greater form. It does not draw from an eternal source or timeless current. One who communicates something grand, and communicates it with grandeur, merely communicates the final draft of a poem, thoroughly edited..taking into account the particular audience and the desire effect. We use things. I’m not saying there is nothing that, given a silent life of focus, would reveal a Truth. What I am suggesting is that “transformation,” in a cheap sense, is an appropriation..a strategic move, the profanity of the sacred. One takes an icon, an untouchable icon, an icon which..when criticized from the “margins” quickly defended as a matter of course despite the recently hallowed out center of the sign. These icons are shielded from criticism and used as the mechanism which invites celebration. Confession is used to disarm and manipulate, humility is used to elevate oneself under the guise of a greater awareness, a more expansive scope which suggests a particular hindsight.

If there is a God, it has been marginalized and cleared away to make room for the gods of art which invite some form of reverence that stinks of a cheap pantheism necessarily blessing whatever one decides to express, vetted only by an ambition motivated, cultivated, and calculated according to trends. We, of course, are certainly entitled to enjoy it. It motivates us to join the game. If it motivates us otherwise..if we reflect on it and appropriate it in a way that drives us to the search for Truth (rather than a claim on one’s ephemeral truth), then we do so at our own very real risk. Of course, this is presuming Truth is something one can recognize in and of itself..that austere, laconic, and undesirable truth which most go to every length to avoid.

What is authentic is usually dismissed as obstinate or irrational. Every good thing has been destroyed and replaced with profit motive. We act as often as we are acted upon.

This is very incomplete.