Know Jesus, no peace.

That one sin that God won’t forgive..I think I commit that sin all the time…but I’m not sure that I do it consciously…but perhaps unconsciously…I get tired of mulling over it and ignore it, so I think counts as a conscious rejection all the same..I’m dizzy, and perhaps condemned, but I’m not sure. If anyone asks me what God has given me in my life lately..the first thing that comes to mind is anxiety. 

  1. I worry about “that sin” frequently. It’s my belief, through countless hours of studying and prayer, that this sin is a heart condition. Do I intentionally do it? Do I do so because of God? I believe God’s grace is bigger than we can know. Bigger than we can or will ever understand. I think the fact that you’re even concerned enough about it to talk about it says everything. Live in the grace of God. Just don’t abuse His grace.

    As far as anxiety goes, that’s most-assuredly not of God. Why would His word say,”Be anxious about nothing…” if He was to only lead you to anxiety. Perhaps this anxiety is really some sort of conviction or a mere laps in human nature?

  2. Stephen Gillis said:

    Jesus covers all sin. So as long as our trust is in Jesus, we can take heed Paul’s words when he says in Philippians 4 “do not be anxious about anything.”

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