Monthly Archives: January 2013

Hey you antagonist. I must remind you that what you do, while it may give you a nice slap of self satisfaction, is not difficult. It is not difficult, nor is it a form of self-sacrifice, to sit in your little dark corner with a few flashlights illuminating the small inconsequential sliver of an adolescent existence and hurl predictable and shallow insults at nothing more than a demographic from which you can maintain a safe distance that protects against actual confrontation. More specifically, it is not difficult to ridicule belief systems which are subverted by your own subjective psychology, ultimately revealing nothing but your own insecurity. If one browses the headlines, or perhaps even spends a semester or two delving into the exciting texts of a Russel, Dawkins, Hitchens, Harris, Hume, Nietzsche, Goldman, <insert any number of intellectuals or philosophers here>, one surely comes away with a bloated breast, filled with the vapid arguments all stemming from some regurgitated problem of evil or “science” google search results.

Admittedly, there are more creative arguments which reveal the absurdity of the religious, and it is indeed absurd. Yes, even a layman such as myself will fully grant you your points..the evils, the absurdities, etc. etc. which plague so many motivations and prey on the “less educated.” All of this showmanship is not difficult and like any other general point, is made effective by eloquent rhetoric, not substance. In such matters, substance doesn’t matter.

Attacking the demographic, that mass of sheep whom you claim are at a specific disadvantage and represent a specific danger because of their inclination to religious faith ultimately gives heed to the faith which you claim is so silly and phantasmic. Are we all idiots? Even you wouldn’t make such a claim. Oh this tenacious faith! So, perhaps religion is your vehicle as well…that vehicle by which you can reassert your own identity. It becomes boring and exhausting, just as the believers annoy you, you annoy others…believers and non-believers. You are simply making fun of people. Admittedly, I can sympathize with such a recreation, although in relation this existential device, I beg you to display a depth of character and awareness which realizes diversity, the individual, and the experience of which you know nothing. Not all of us are as brilliant as you, but all of us must exist. If you are so blind, or so stubborn that you choose not to recognize the desperation of existence which haunts every person, then perhaps it is just neglect which allows you to sleep peacefully after shooting your mouth off with easy platitudes.

If you stop at the demographic then you are a coward, if you insult the individual then you are unjustified. Either way, your polemic is empty and counter productive. It’s easy to hang the guilty, although it takes a patient character to recognize the exceptions to the rule which ultimately give color to a culture you wish to bleed dry. I beg you, engage with the individual and it will neutralize your adolescent rebellion and nurture an empathy which does not compromise your conviction, but makes them stronger in the face of diversity.

Perhaps you are not brave enough to attack the individual, the senior who relies on a mythical falsity in her own little world, walking to and from work, to give her existence a meaning which impedes not even an inch upon others aside from her participation in a church organized soup kitchen. Or maybe you don’t have the fortitude or conviction to tear into the pointless prayers a broken man throws to god while their closest friend dies. Of course, I’m keeping to the margins of experience, the extremes, and for every extreme there is a large mass of individuals who merely wish to exist without being ridiculed by some cowardly soul screaming insults from afar, who lead a quiet manageable life free of the tragedies which may torment another.

What’s worse is that your excuse may include a back step which qualifies the type of fool you are speaking to, and to that I will emphasize the absence of spine in your watered down assault, which checks itself at the first collision with the harmless individual who silently appropriates a placebo to help shelter from what they can not understand.

Or maybe you should just be silent. We have heard your bullshit time and time again. It’s not that we don’t get it, it’s not that we don’t understand, it’s simply that we don’t care. Your words display no degree of higher knowledge, rather, it’s a devotion just as destructive as that which you critique. Ultimately, you speak only to reassert yourself, not to change attitudes, or to better the world. You do not know anything of the individual, you know nothing of existence. From your little room with books on the shelves and posters on the wall, maybe some pictures of family, maybe a Tyson Degrasse book, or a copy of a Hitchens text worn and underlined….maybe you’re brilliant. Even then, you still know nothing of how to exist, nor do you know how I should exist. ¬†You, the well ordered humanist, are nothing more than me, the dumb blind christian, and I am nothing more than you. In insulation, one loses all legs to stand on when making claims on the minds and hearts of strangers.

You are not bringing an end to religious faith, you’re just having little temper tantrums, shadow boxing with your tiny little fists. It requires little energy to point out the obvious and dismiss the particular.