In the name of Jesus, I only hope the best for Al Queda and the pedophile down at the end of my block.

Based on a reading of Matthew 9:11-12, it is very difficult to believe that even the most otherwise sober minded Christian could be a proponent (either political or social) of any degree of oppression towards those who do not live their lives by the same creed. The emphasis placed on mercy towards others qualifies an attitude of compassion towards all others. Existence is such that all others indeed suffer, not as an exclusive result of any behavior, but as a result of living, as a result of that large gap between what we are meant for and what we are. All deserve unqualified compassion and love. One who feigns some degree of sadness, an awareness of the injustice of such a prejudice, but still presses forward “in faith,” fools himself into seeing his behavior as some perverse and worldly misunderstood martyrdom. Regardless of God’s view on certain behavior, Christ proclaimed our task in way that is very straight forward and clear–that is, to love others without condition, without requiring any prior qualification. One must dispense of any metaphysical arrogance in relation to God’s intent or His entirely perplexing and disturbing ideas of what can only understand as justice. We are called to love others, and we fail on such a fantastic degree, even towards those we do feel “comfortable” with. Although, Jesus, with his impossible demands, require that we love all. He is an  affront to our silly notions of self worth, our reason driven by our humanity, our entitlement. We are called to love our enemies–we are called to love that bully who abuses your son or that boy who takes advantage of your daughter, we are taught to love those terrorists who are so bent on reeking havoc on us because of our “freedom,” we are called to love. We are called to be everything we are not, in hopes of becoming our true selves. And I myself…my own mind and my own heart seem to want nothing of it, if behavior is to be any indicator. Jesus is truly alone, he is truly a lunatic by those standards so dictated by the world, and therefore he must be on to something.


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