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If I catch a current through time and find myself back in the first century C.E., I could imagine a time and place where I might arrive. I would be in Capernaum listening to Jesus preach a sermon. I would listen with indignant scrutiny while He claimed that whoever eats of his flesh and drinks of his blood will remain in Him. Yes, if we can remove the comforting insulation of history that has glossed over the extreme nature of the claims of Jesus, I would be that man who could not, and certainly would not accept his teaching. Oh! Well, I should thank God that I arrived on this earth in 1981, after centuries that had evolved to a comforting nuzzle with the message of Jesus, only after centuries of neutralizing absurdity and justifying cowardice dressed in intellect. Although, I should not…I could not in good faith take advantage of something I had no control over. Indeed, I would certainly be that Jewish man in Capernaum who decided to walk away that day after I heard some young man talk of things so obscene. You did offend me! You offended my tradition and my history. 

Or, let us reverse the hypothetical and imagine Jesus in our own time. I assure you, as I can be nothing but honest, that I would dismiss him all the same. I would say to Jesus, “Good sir, I will not follow you because I believe in Jesus and the God of Abraham. I can not follow you false prophets out to prop yourselves up and fool earnest devotees.”

I do not assume to attack your sincerity, I am in no place to dismiss your proclamations. Although, I mostly do not believe in you and your confidence.

I believe in your devotion, and thank God he has buffered his son’s existence. Indeed, time has reduced his existence to a story fit for a young garçon

Jesus indeed loves me, but if he were to confront me, he would see right through me. 

You have offended me. I will leave.