late night “foot in mouth” thoughts on artists.

the cowards apology–

the coward. the intellectual. the artist who thrives on inspiration. there are always reasons why and reasons why not, there is always a difference of location, position, upbringing, there is always the heavy burden of God, bearing the cross of creative integrity that comes before true responsibility. true to the abstract! loyal to the process! Hiding behind the rational, the flaws of humanity he is always infected with.

the artist is a coward. he apologizes for who he is, not for what he does.

the artist is never at fault for the simple sin of selfish ego, it is always pawned off on the pathetic notion of an abstract cause. there is always a buffer invented under the umbrella of a psychology that preys on the sensitive types. the artist is the “victim” who preys on, and exploits, inspiration.

the artist is ironic. he connects with those who are strangers and he abandons his loved ones. He is a willing, or perhaps a well meaning, and naive slave. It takes an alligator of an angel to love and support an artist.

we’re all a dime a dozen.

I hide behind the poetry that always forgives me of sin so pathetically elementary. I dress it up and become a martyr to my own cruel behavior. It’s theatrical and political–the evasion with an elegance that a stranger will buy, but those who know me will see right through me.

although I will never confess, the difference that saves the artist from being a liar is that the artist believes his or her own bullshit. a true testament to the power of art!

the artists. the philosopher. the intellectual. the romantic.

the artist isn’t tapped in, the artists is merely talented.





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